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Business Car Alberta (CPR #8)

The “Alberta” was constructed in 1929 as a business car for the use of Railway Executives. Business cars served as an office, home and an entertainment center for traveling executives and their staff.

The Alberta is part of a group of 10 cars built for divisional superintendents, each named after the provinces of Canada. Similar to the “British Columbia,” this car has a re-created varnished mahogany interior, and many brass fittings.  After retirement in 1970, it was turned into a restaurant down in Gastown. Partition walls for the car’s bedroom were removed, the galley was enlarged, and sections cut out of the car for restaurant access.

In 2000, the car was donated to the WCRA by Marathon Realty and moved to Squamish. The car's spectacular re-creation into an executive car was funded by donations from Brandt Louie and his business foundations.  The restorations cost about $600,000 and the car was unveiled in 2011.

Business Car Alberta


Business Car Alberta


In this current configuration, the car has a lounge with an open platform, a large dining area and a galley. Fortunately, the general ambiance of the car’s interior has been preserved. This car is fully operational and can run with today's modern passenger trains. It is available for charter.



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