A Visit to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park - What You Will See

The Grey Ghost (1937 Ford V8 Sedan)

This Ford V-8 sedan was bought brand new in 1937 to serve as a track inspection car for the PGE. The late Ed Aldrich kept the car in tip top condition from the time of its purchase in 1937 until it was sold in 1968.

The Ford was chosen as the wheels were the right distance apart. This allowed flanges to be mounted behind them so the car could run on the track using its original tires and wheels. This system was unique as most railways converted cars to run on rails but removed the wheels. It was in service until 1962.

The Grey Ghost

The “Grey Ghost” was bequeathed to the West Coast Railway Association by the Royal British Columbia Museum upon the closure of the Cloverdale Transportation Museum in 1992.

The car is in perfect working condition. It is started up and ran on a regular basis.  Eventually the flanges will be re-installed and the “Grey Ghost” will return to her job of inspecting the track on the West Coast Railway Heritage Park thus helping to interpret another phase of railway history.




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