A Visit to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park - What You Will See

Shovel Operators Bunk Car (CNR 65940)

The CN 65940 was originally built in May 1912 by Western Steel Car & Foundry as Grand Trunk Railway 230274. This car became CN 65940 in 1948 and was retired from the roster in March 1983. The car was then acquired by Can Steam and was displayed in Cloverdale at the BC Transportation Museum on shared track space with the WCRA. When the museum closed in 1992 it was transferred to the WCRHP in Squamish. It was on display at the Heritage Park until 2006 when it was put into storage at MP2 shops. Restoration was started in January 2011, after the car had been in storage for almost 5 years to dry out. After over 4000 hrs of volunteer work and about $20,000.00 in materials, the car's exterior was restored to the time when it was used by CN, and the interior repaired and repainted.

Shovel Operators Bunk Car

The car is much as it would have been in its Canadian National Railway working life. It provided a comfortable home and office for the Engineer while he was in charge of construction jobs out on the line.The car has been restored to honor Mr. Moril Forget of Hamilton Ontario, who started his career in the coal yards in Whitefish Bay and had a career of over 45 years as a shovel operator.




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