A Visit to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park - What You Will See

Bud Butterworth (PGE 714 Troop Sleeper)

These types of cars were built during World War ll to alleviate the shortage of sleeping cars to transport troops across the US. When used originally, the cars contained rows of bunks, three high, for the troops to sleep on.

In the 1960’s this car was sold to the PGE and converted into a bunk car. The cars were used by the company along with work gangs and snow plows as living accommodations for the crews. These crews were away from home, days and weeks at a time working to keep the rail lines clear.

This railcar is dedicated in the memory of H. “Bud” Butterworth. He was a 37 year veteran of the PGE/BCR.

Bud Butterworth (PGE 714 Troop Sleeper) 


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