A Visit to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park - What You Will See

No. 722 PGE Troop Sleeper

This troop sleeper was built in 1943, for the US Army as #7223. It saw service in WW2 carrying troops and was sold after the war to the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. The PGE bought several of these cars and converted them for use as work cars and baggage cars. PGE #722 was used in revenue service until 1962 when it was renumbered and put into work service.

The car was donated to the WCRA in 1989 and we have restored it to look on the outside as it would have been when it was first used on the PGE. The interior tells the history of PGE & BC Rail.

In 2005 a small group of volunteers at the WCRHP wanted to find a permanent home for the memorabilia and archival material which had been donated by retired and ex-BCR employees; thus the reason to restore the 722 PGE Troop Sleeper. The 722 was completely gutted and had to be rebuilt from the ground up. This included stripping, roofing, rebuilding, grinding, sanding, painting and laying floors. The restoration was completed by July 2010.

It is also the home of train simulators for the train enthusiast to get the feel of running a train. Enjoy yourself and give it a go!


No. 722 PGE Troop Sleeper


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