A Visit to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park - What You Will See

Cowichan River (CPR Coach 2263)

Built in 1940, one of the series of “Lightweight” 2200 day coaches built for use in intercity service after WW#2. After serving the CPR for many years, it became a museum coach with the BC Museum Train in the 1970’s.

This coach displays the various facets of life on the railway:
The Bunkhouse – A shanty, only 10’ by 20’ was placed beside the track near a tunnel. The Watchman who lived in the shanty would have to clear away any obstacles near the tunnel that would pose a threat to the trains. The only access to the outside world would be the train crew, magazines and newspapers.

The Conductor – Or Boss would check his train orders and manifest to see where cars were being “picked up or set out”. The caboose was his home.

The Brakeman – Inspected moving trains from the cupola of his caboose and did the footwork for coupling or parting railway cars being shunted, shipped or received.

Marjatta (CNR Coach 5161)



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