A Visit to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park - What You Will See

Patricia Anne (formerly Skeena River, CPR Coach 2280)

This car was built around 1948 in the CP Angus Yards in Montreal. Originally CPR 2280 passenger car, she saw most of her life running commuter service across the prairies until 1967. In 1967 #2280 and 3 other similar cars were all named after rivers when acquired by the Province of BC. They were part of the Centennial Museum Train, at this time she was renamed the “Skeena River”.

In 2005 she was given to a new volunteer who built the model RR display you see. On its opening day in 2007 it was renamed “Patricia Anne” in memory of the volunteer's late spouse.

Patricia Anne (formerly Skeena River, CPR Coach 2280)


The layout you see inside represents nowhere and yet everywhere at the same time. The builder of the layout took thousands of pictures on four trips across Canada and many of these were used for the ideas behind some of the scenes. The first items you may notice are the underground coalmine and the rescue helicopter at the plane crash site. This first module has a lot of the Squamish area in it. You will notice hikers, kayakers, campers and of course, our Squamish bear, Berry.

You will see a small farm scene on the mountaintop and in front an oil derrick, these could be in almost any of the provinces. And of course, with an oil derrick you will find a refinery, but seeing we are limited in space we only have a tanker loading dock as can be seen in Coquitlam near the waterfront. In front of that is our beach scene complete with ice cream vendor and hobos on the park bench. As we continue along, you will see our scrap yard, as we are committed to recycling here on the Skeena River Railway. Besides that, we have our Pipe Yard and our forest tower looking out for the interests of our town site. You will see our dock scene that includes a grain loading dock, a freighter loading cargo and a barge getting ready for its trip up the coast. The inside of the barge contains a machine shop; this is where any work was done at the water front.

Now the home of the HO scale model railway. The north end of the car shows how they model the mountains in Styrofoam. That display will be “N” scale. There is approximately 5 miles of wiring under the display tables. All these models and backdrops have been done by volunteers. To date it has taken 9 years and there is always more to do to change and keep up.


Patricia Anne (formerly Skeena River, CPR Coach 2280)



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